Our Vow

Norshek | Hair, Body & Spirit 
Only love will heal the world, so our vow to you is love.
Each product and experience awakens the spirit and indulges the senses; a consequence of merging passion, freedom and service. We believe in the earth, therefore, we create a bond with nature.
We respect humans.
We respect animals.
We respect the environment. 
We love building communities around people who share our values thus we attract these awesome souls and collaborate with them; growers, story-tellers or chemists - passionate people doing what they are great at.
Love is beautiful and sharing beauty is our mission. 

A Better World

Co-created by four eco-conscious Egyptian brands, this initiative aims at keeping our seas clean, reducing single-use plastic, and protecting our sea creatures.

By purchasing this bundle, you will be supporting our efforts and donating EGP 100 for a beach clean-up & a tree-planting event facilitated by Shagarha.

Together for a better world

Norshek x Ellie Tea Set

Elevate your Ramadan nights with Norshek x Ellie Home limited edition tea set. 

T3ashab Shay

Norshek X Very Nile

We've partnered up with Very Nile to clean up 432 kilos of plastic from the Nile. The result is four products made out of plastic bags.Shop them now!