Bloom | Journey Within

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Words Of Spirit
Collection – Bloom Summer 2023

An idea, creating room in essence, learning what it means to bloom. A mirage? A reflection? A scent? Fading reminiscence of ‘what is truth’. Time creates an illusion, and distance bornes the echos, so eyes see partial view. Faster the beat, hearts find rhythm, and together, we face the chaos, with you.

Oversized t-shirt dimensions:
Small 57 cm width x 72 cm length 
Medium 60 cm width x 74 cm length
Large 63 cm width x 76 cm length 

Crop top dimensions:
Small 42.5 cm width x 42 cm length 
Medium 47 cm width x 45 cm length 
Large 51.5 cm width x 48 cm length 

100% Light Egyptian Cotton

– Wash inside out at 30°C
– Iron inside-out
– Hang to dry.

Designed by N.A.R and produced in Egypt.


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