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Hairitated | Hair Gel

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LE 307 EGP

Aloe Flaxseed Hair Gel

And now I pray my hair will find,
a peaceful state that I wouldn't mind.
Stick my fingers through my hair,
smoothness allow it out of there.
Water water be a friend,
grizzly bear is not a current trend.
Life can sometimes be unfair,
when your hair is having an afair.
To keep your style happy and well,
just apply some of this gel.

  • Nourishes scalp
  • Tames frizz
  • Curl/Wave control
  • Hair and scalp care formula
  • Doesn't need to be refrigerated 
  • Handmade

Ingredients: flaxseed, aloe vera, aqua (H2O), sun fruits fragrance, Diazolidinyl Urea (Biocrol C2), Sodium Benzoate, sunset yellow color.

How to use: apply on wet combed hair using praying hands method, scrunch, let your hair dry, and rock those locks. 

Why our products are eco conscious?

- They are sustainable products.
- They provide environmental, social and economic benefits.
- They protect public health and the environment over their whole life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials until the final disposal.